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When to Pursue a Short Sale in Florida...

Depending on if you have equity in your home , or if you are upside down (owe more than the house is worth) we can help you get cash for your home. If you have enough equity, we can simply purchase your home very quickly so you avoid a foreclosure sale. In certain situations, where there is not so much equity, we may be able to offer you Cash in return for the deed to the house and our company would keep making the mortgage payments to the bank on your behalf. This is known as a “ Subject-to ” deal. Avoid Foreclosure – Get CASH For Your Home! As foreclosure rates hit record levels, more sellers are turning to short sales as a way to avoid foreclosure. Short sales are one of our expertise. We work with a team of short sale negotiators and real estate professionals that specialize in negotiating short sales on behalf of Florida & Maryland homeowners and our investment company as the buyer. It is well known that homeowners can receive up to $40,000 from the bank for