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We Buy Houses Cash As Is - Any Area - Any Condition - Any Price Range

Do You Own An Unwanted House - You Need to Sell Quickly? You Can Sell Your House in 10 Days or Less! We buy houses cash "As-Is" condition from home sellers looking to sell for many different reasons. Recent changes in the economy have created the need for more creative real estate solutions. There will always be a need for the traditional real estate market, but alternative solutions are important as well to keep the real estate market going. Sell My House Fast You may be a homeowner living in a home that has been subjected to years without the maintenance required to keep your home in prime condition. Illness, divorce, or just plain being to busy are a few common reasons for neglect. At any rate, when you finally decide that you are ready to buy a new home, you are stuck trying to sell an eyesore. You don't have the money or time to fix up your house. Who would buy a distressed in need of lots of repair house? We buy houses in any condition. We

Choosing a Mortgage Lender ?

There are many mortgage lenders to choose from. You should evaluate lenders on four key factors:       • Interest rates       • Closing costs       • Product offerings       • Customer satisfaction Interest rates Lenders charge different interest rates, so by shopping around, you could find a better deal for your mortgage. Interest rates are fairly consistent between lenders for fixed-rate mortgages, as lenders all base their rates on the national average and other factors. However, choosing a lender with a rate a few tenths of a percentage lower could still save you hundreds, potentially thousands, over the course of the loan. There are more differences between lenders with adjustable-rate mortgages. Lenders customize these loans because they have more flexibility to increase rates later. You should spend more time comparing lenders for an adjustable-rate mortgage because you have a better chance of finding a better deal. Closing costs When you fac

How Does The Mortgage Loan Process Work ?

Obtaining a mortgage requires several steps, including preapproval, appraisal and underwriting, before you’re ready for closing. 1. Prequalification   Prequalification will give you a quick estimate of how much you can borrow for your mortgage. You’ll share basic financial information, including your income, savings and outstanding debts. There’s usually no fee to get prequalified, and you can apply quickly by phone or online. However, getting prequalified doesn’t guarantee you’ll qualify for the mortgage. 2. Preapproval Preapproval is much more thorough than prequalification. The lender will review your financial situation, similar to when you officially apply for a mortgage. You may be required to pay an application fee. Expect to submit complete financial documents, including: W-2s for the previous two years Pay stubs Proof of bonuses Your most recent federal tax return Two to three months of bank and investment statements (such as brokerage, 401(k)

Cash for Keys Agreements - Help Homeowners Going to Foreclosure

A cash for keys agreement is a contract between a mortgage lender and a homeowner that is struggling to pay his monthly obligation. Typically, the lender offers a cash incentive to the borrower for him to voluntarily vacate the property — free move out money . A cash-for-keys agreement is never mandatory, rather it is an option that some lenders agree to in certain situations in order cut their losses by avoiding lengthy and expensive foreclosure proceedings. In fact, most lenders will not offer “cash for keys” to borrowers in default; it is up to the borrower to propose this solution. “ Cash for Keys ” apply in two areas of real estate: loans and leases. In such a scenario, a cash for keys is a graceful exit that ensures that a homeowner vacates the property without having to complete the foreclosure process. On the other hand, landlords can negotiate cash for keys agreements when they want to get rid of tenants occupying their rental households. The tenant

How Florida Property is Valued

The Appraiser's Role Constitutionally, the Property Appraiser is charged with the duty and responsibility of placing a fair, equitable and JUST value on all real and tangible personal property in its prospective County. Real property includes land and all buildings, structures, and improvements to the land. Tangible personal property includes machinery and equipment, fixtures, furniture, and other items owned and used for business purposes. To ensure that equality of valuations is achieved, a system of property appraisal based on modern, sound, and nationally accepted appraisal practices and principles. Valuations are kept up-to-date and are part of the permanent records of the County's office. As such, they come under the Florida's Public Records Law and are available for your inspection. In addition to appraising property, the Property Appraiser tracks ownership changes, maintains maps of parcel boundaries, administers home

When to Pursue a Short Sale in Florida...

Depending on if you have equity in your home , or if you are upside down (owe more than the house is worth) we can help you get cash for your home. If you have enough equity, we can simply purchase your home very quickly so you avoid a foreclosure sale. In certain situations, where there is not so much equity, we may be able to offer you Cash in return for the deed to the house and our company would keep making the mortgage payments to the bank on your behalf. This is known as a “ Subject-to ” deal. Avoid Foreclosure – Get CASH For Your Home! As foreclosure rates hit record levels, more sellers are turning to short sales as a way to avoid foreclosure. Short sales are one of our expertise. We work with a team of short sale negotiators and real estate professionals that specialize in negotiating short sales on behalf of Florida & Maryland homeowners and our investment company as the buyer. It is well known that homeowners can receive up to $40,000 from the bank for